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Since all these entities are quite complex and very dynamic, it’s very important to manage and have control on these changes.So here is the place or situation, where configuration management comes into picture.Most commonly in the near future you will find PHP 5.x being used, and the latest 5.x version is 5.6.This is not a bad option, but you should try to upgrade to the latest stable quickly - PHP 5.6 will not receive security updates beyond 2018.Definition & explanation: Configuration management is a technique or discipline to systematically manage, organize and control the changes in the documents, codes, artifacts and other entities during the development life cycle.Features of a good CM tools are: Having said about the development team, what effect does configuration management has for testing team?System : Windows 95/98/NT/2000 Status : Free Software (under the GNU General Public License) Size : 7.5 Mb Dev-C 4 downloads : You can get all the software available on this site on a CD.

So in short you are executing the test case in the older version of the software where you are not able to find out the obvious bugs.

Dev-C can also be used in combination with Cygwin or any other GCC based compiler.

Features are : - Support GCC-based compilers - Integrated debugging (using GDB) - Project Manager - Customizable syntax highlighting editor - Class Browser - Code Completion - Function listing - Profiling support - Quickly create Windows, console, static libraries and DLLs - Support of templates for creating your own project types - Makefile creation - Edit and compile Resource files - Tool Manager - Print support - Find and replace facilities - CVS support Source code : Delphi 6 Source code of Dev-C is available for free under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Authors : Colin Laplace, Mike Berg, Hongli Lai : Development Mingw compiler: Mumit Khan, Jan Jaap van der Heidjen, Colin Hendrix and GNU coders.

This website aims to introduce new PHP developers to some topics which they may not discover until it is too late, and aims to give seasoned pros some fresh ideas on those topics they’ve been doing for years without ever reconsidering.

This website will also not tell you which tools to use, but instead offer suggestions for multiple options, when possible explaining the differences in approach and use-case.

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OK, I demonstrate these steps in my Windows 7 32 Bit computer with Oracle Virtual Box Oracle Virtual Box 4.1 or later.

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