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Rising above the Oslofjord on the promontory of Akersnes sits the majestic Akershus Fortress, built by Håkon V at the end of the 13th Century.Take your time to wander the grounds and ramparts with their wonderful harbor views before exploring the quaint chapel with its tomb of Håkon VII (1872-1957) and the remains of the original medieval castle.«Jeg kjente igjen alt som ble beskrevet i anmeldelsene.Hyttene på Toffelsø og kranglingen om testamentet og om takstene, sykehusinnleggelsen til mamma, pappas fall i trappen, Veras tale på revisorkontoret; hver eneste episode anmelderne hentet ut av romanen for å ramme inn beskrivelsen av Veras litterære verk, var hentet fra vårt liv, mitt liv. Following extensive feedback and some data model changes, the production release of Strata Bugs v2.1 is now available. You will need to copy your existing database and convert it for use with v2.1. Please refer to the compatibility matrix for more information. - If you are running Strata Bugs 2.0 you will need to retain Java 7, or if you have a server based database, re-configure using the above instructions.

The center is a joy to explore on foot thanks to the numerous pathways and trails connecting its public spaces, as well as its many pedestrian-friendly areas, including the city's main street, Karl Johans gate.

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Oslo is one of the world's largest capitals in terms of area but only 20 percent of this land mass has been developed, the remainder consists of parks, protected forests, hills, and hundreds of lakes.

Men jeg kjente ikke igjen pappa som hatet alle kvinner - alle unntatt Vera, som han syntes var uimotståelig.

Eller mamma som hadde visst om overgrepene, men bare snudde ryggen til fordi hun var mer opptatt av fasade.

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