Updating embedded files

Would salsa20 umac be a good choice for encryption/authentication? I presume that would mean I would have to implement tls on the embedded device and set it up for the ble link on the mobile apps.

Encrypting the file seemed simple as it required no change to the mobile apps.

Not linked The block definition was not created by importing a file.

File not found The file that was used to create the block definition cannot be found.

The following example explains better the implemented tags: The concept can be extended to deliver a single image containing the release for multiple devices.

You can now use One Note for i Pad to insert file attachments and open them.

We added this feature in the update released just yesterday.

However, it is possible to extend SWUpdate and add an own parser, based on a different syntax and language as the one supported by libconfig.

In the examples directory there is the code for a parser written in Lua, with the description in XML.

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