Rrd files not updating cacti

There are several packages available for Nagios graphing.At the time of implementation in 2008, the Nagiosgraph package was not well maintained and contained a serious bug (Nagiosgraph v0.9.1).RRDtool (acronym for round-robin database tool) correlates time-series data like network bandwidth, temperatures, CPU load or any other data type.

Today, Nagiosgraph running unchanged since 2008, easily handles its 1283 active devices with a total of 3740 individual graphs and is almost entirely 'maintenance-free'.It works checking local RRD databases (Nagios and Cacti on same computer for example) for incoming or outgoing transfer rates.For us, Nagiosgraph is the most important extension to our monitoring system.Before Nagiosgraph, we had been relying entirely on Cacti for performance monitoring.With the implementation of Nagiosgraph in 2008, Nagios itself is now covering most of the performance graphing itself.

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