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Should be an interesting interview." He added: "Thank you all for your support, my reg 14 says I undermine public confidence and bring discredit on the service...

we'll see how it goes." Nick King, a member of the Dorset police authority, said: "It's not unusual for an officer to tweet how they feel about police cuts - I follow quite a few officers who do that.

He is not easily moved by emotional displays and can be curiously detached from his own emotions and those of others.

He told his housemates: 'I regret the pain that I caused.

PC Manning, who serves with Dorset Police, told his 192 followers: "Might be taking a break from tweeting as I've just been reg 14'd for 'inappropriate content' on here.

I do this job for several reasons that are hard to describe.

Simply put, if I died today I’m pretty sure I’d be comfortable knowing that I’ve made a difference.

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Javine went on to have a daughter, Angel, with Harvey in 2008, but their relationship ended amid more cheating allegations.

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