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In any event, the X was thus used on documents in this way.

It is thought that perhaps the X made the jump to “kiss” as people sometimes would kiss the X (Christ), in the same way some would kiss the Bible- in this context more or less “sealing it with a kiss”.

Use the incorrect symbol, and one could get the wrong idea!

I came here expecting to kiss people on the cheeks, something that isn’t practiced often in the US, where we mainly give handshakes or hugs.This display case is unlocked through the main terminal, after obtaining all 35 Star cores, during the quest Star Control.It is one of only a few level independent X-01 suits that can be obtained When a gang has control over the Galatic Zone and becomes hostile to the player character.The Nuka-Cola Corporation had strong ties with the U. military which allowed them access to their technology, including suits of power armor.The suits were given Nuka-Cola themed paint jobs and used to promote the soft drink. Pop Incorporated had a similar idea by using a suit of their own and giving it a Vim! The Quantum X-01 power armor is identical in stats and model to standard X-01 power armor, but bears a unique custom paint job in a variety of shades of blue in theme of the then-new Nuka-Cola Quantum flavor.

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