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The Xbox 360 though had a significantly bigger impact.As its initial codename of Project Midway makes clear, the Xbox 360 was intended to break the Japanese stranglehold, by creating a console built specifically for the needs of Western developers and the tastes of American gamers.We made one small change: Since there are a handful of duplicates on the list (multiple versions of the same game, released on multiple platforms), we've just taken the highest-ranked version of the game to make room for a handful of games that wouldn't have otherwise made the list. An entirely new gameplay mode which supports 2-player co-operative play online that is unique from the single player story campaign.Without further ado, these are the 50 best video games of all time: Critic score: 94/100 User score: 8.4/10 Plot summary (from Metacritic): "As Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's single player campaign unfolds, the player is introduced to new gameplay at every turn – one moment you are fast-roping from your Black Hawk helicopter after storming into the war zone with an armada of choppers, the next you are a sniper, under concealment, in a Ghillie suit miles behind enemy lines, the next you are engaging hostiles from an AC-130 gunship thousands of feet above the battlefield. Special Ops pits players into a gauntlet of time-trial and objective-based missions.Everyone’s been raving about the popularity of web video this year, but a less talked-about form of visual content—interactive websites—can be way more engaging.These sites draw the viewer inside rich stories with stunning photography, videos, words, and interactive elements that create a stimulating personal experience.By comparison the Xbox 360 is still on sale, with even the odd new game still being released for it.

It’s presented in episodes, making it easy to navigate the journey in chunks.

Building on the hit "Call of Duty 2" online experience, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's new multiplayer provides the community an addictive and accessible experience to gamers of all levels." Critic score: 94/100 User score: 8.6/10 Plot summary (from Metacritic): "In a large American metropolis, a man named Dante, a private investigator of the supernatural, is seeking revenge for the death of his mother and brother. Setting a new bar for online multiplayer, Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer delivers new capabilities, customization, game states and modes, including: Create-a-Class Evolved. Customizable Killstreaks - AC130, Sentry Gun, Predator Missile, Counter-UAV, Care Package.

The world is waiting, for Dante is no ordinary man, and with his father's sword in hand, he must enter the demon realm and avenge mankind." Critic score: 94/100 User score: 8.5/10 Plot summary (from Metacritic): "Build your skills, earn respect, and show that you've got what it takes to Go Pro. Secondary Weapons - Machine Pistols, Shotguns, Handguns, Launchers. Equipment - Throwing Knives, Blast Shield, Tactical Insertion. Accolades (Post match reports)." Critic score: 94/100 User score: 8.9/10 Plot summary (from Metacritic): "The last Final Fantasy for the Play Station, Final Fantasy IX returns to the pure fantasy roots that spawned the series.

Xbox Live became a major selling point of the system and Microsoft helped to innovate every aspect of the modern online experience, from playing multiplayer to buying games online.

It’s curious how the more recent Bio Shock Infinite seems to be remembered less and less fondly as time goes on, while the reputation of the first game in the series moves in the opposite direction.

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